Does the jellyfish have eyes?

Does the jellyfish have eyes? This sudden question may make many people feel confused.

According to Science ABC , imagine you are swimming on the sea surface with a mask on your face and the bright sunshine shining directly on your back. When you dive into the Caribbean and open your eyes eagerly to see flocks of tropical fish or colorful coral reefs, the thing that catches your eye is a small, transparent tentacle. throughout a few feet away. You have encountered a jellyfish, they are beautiful but there are many potential dangers. You swim back and hope the jellyfish will not notice and perform any aggressive actions aimed at you.

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Beautiful jellyfish but also potential dangers.

At that point, you might wonder if jellyfish have eyes or not, can they see you?

Jellyfish body

When talking about the body of jellyfish, everything is actually quite simple. Compared to the vast majority of animals that we are familiar with, jellyfish have a much simpler body composition. Jellyfish lack the brain, heart or bone, as well as every other important organ that we own. Jellyfish is a member of Cnidaria phylum - also known as the Styrofoam Jellyfish industry, Thorn pruning industry or Thich Ty chi branch. This is an industry of more than 10,000 species of animals that live in water environments, mainly marine environments. Their characteristic feature is magnet hair, special cells that are mainly used to catch prey. Jellyfish are not really classified as fish. In fact, they are a kind of plankton, and are associated with micro food sources that form the basis of most marine food chains.

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Jellyfish are not really classified as fish, in fact, they are a kind of plankton.

Not only is it very simple in its physical structure, up to 98% of the jellyfish body is water (besides some other parts of the body). Jellyfish also have a mouth to take food and excrete, as well as a stomach cavity, a rudimentary stomach. The last element in its physical structure is tentacles. Although they can vary greatly in length and quantity, in general this is the most important body part of jellyfish. They are also the main sensory organs for these organisms, including bringing vision.

Does jellyfish have eyes?

When we think about the eyes, the natural tendency is to find similarities with the human eye, but the variety of organs that provide eyes and sight in nature is immensely large. There is still much debate about the eyes growing once or many times in the evolutionary tree of life on Earth. Many agree that some types of light detection mechanisms are present in the first ancestors of visible animals and the variety of ways in which genetic development programs remain a mystery to researchers.

In the case of jellyfish, it does not own the brain to handle complex visual stimuli, they must rely on a simple sensory organ in their tentacles . Yes, the sting of a jellyfish that can leave red dots on your feet is also the only way that jellyfish can experience and move. There are sensory organs at the end of these tentacles that can detect different light and chemical traces (odor) in the water, while helping jellyfish to orient themselves in space.

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The eyes of most jellyfish are not concentrated in an organ.

Unlike humans, the eyes of most jellyfish are not concentrated in an organ; instead, visibility is generated by a network of nerves and proteins called opsins . Interestingly, not all jellyfish have the same "look" ability. In fact, some studies have concluded that there are many types of eyes in jellyfish of different complexity. Jellyfish is an expert hunter and these rude "eyes" are enough to help them survive and thrive on global oceans.

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