Environmentally friendly tires

Tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein (Netherlands) has introduced the tire with the material mainly from the plant, more biodegradable than traditional rubber.

Picture 1 of Environmentally friendly tires

Prototype tires are manufactured using Russian dandelion and guayule (chrysanthemum). This study was carried out at the Neiker-Tecnalia laboratory, one of 12 European centers participating in the EU-PEARLS project. Accordingly, Neiker-Tecnalia was assigned to trace the genomes of the genus Parthenium argentatum and the dandelion Taraxacum kok-saghyz. These two plants thrive in the north and east of Europe.

Scientists hope that this success will free itself from reliance on Asian rubber, whose supplies are not as abundant as before and prices are rising. While Guayule is quite popular in Spain and Russian dandelion is also easy to grow. Scientists are looking to accelerate their growth and increase their yield. Another advantage is that the new rubber is hypoallergenic such as natural rubber from Hevea brasiliensis.

More detailed information will be presented by the researchers at the EU-PEARLS conference on September 24-25 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

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