Find the hands and scalp Snowman

In Pangboche Monastery (Nepal) there is a version of 'Yeti hand' and a very strange scalp, which seems to belong to the Snowman.

Russia's KM page said, the first time people discovered these artifacts was in 1950, but the prototype was stolen in 1990. Currently, a New Zealand pilot named Mike Olson has decided create the bone version of artifacts and bring them back to the monastery.

Picture 1 of Find the hands and scalp Snowman
The scalp stored in the monastery is said to be of the Snowman.

In 1950, Peter Birna led the expedition to trace the Snowman at the foot of the Himalayas to find that the exhibits at the monastery did not look like human hands or any primates (especially about size). He also touched the scalp directly, and at the time he thought that this artifact belonged to a goat or a zebra.

The palm of the hand, even the experienced scientists of Oxford University cannot determine which species.

We note that the Snowman hypothesis, according to the ethnographic point of view, whether Asians, Europeans or Americans are very similar (in shape, physicality, habits, ways of being .). It is the image of the giants, hairy, shy but with extraordinary strength, living alone, in caves in deep forests and always hiding, so it is difficult to hunt or meet.

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