Fishing 'dinosaur fish', fishermen almost jumped out of the boat

Fox News on September 16 reported that fisherman Oscar Lundahl was surprised to catch a peculiar fish in the sea near Andoya island in Norway.

The fish with unusually large eyes resembling dinosaurs or alien creatures made him so scared he almost 'jumped out of the boat'.

Picture 1 of Fishing 'dinosaur fish', fishermen almost jumped out of the boat
Oscar Lundahl and the fish with unusually large eyes were able to fish.(Fox News screenshot).

'We are fishing flounder about 8km from the shore. I have 4 hooks on a line and I feel like a big fish. It took 30 minutes to wrap the cord up from a depth of 800m and I'm glad to catch two blue flounders before discovering anything else, '' said Lundahl, a fishing guide from Nordic entertainment and sports services company. Sea Angling.

'I have never seen anything like it. It looks very weird and a bit like a dinosaur. I don't know what it is but my colleagues know it , ' Lundahl said.

The unusual-shaped fish is most likely a rat-tailed fish named Latin Chimaeras monstrosa linnaeus taken from a lion-head monster, dragon tail in Greek mythology.

This fish originated from the shark about 300 million years ago , lived in deep water and was rarely caught. Although harmless to humans and only eating molluscs, their strange appearance is easily frightening to fishermen.

Their large eyes have evolved to see clearly in low light conditions in deep water. Lundahl said it was probably due to the change in water pressure that the fish later died. He brought it to fry and said that it was like cod but it was better.

Close-up of "extremely poisonous" fish off New Zealand

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