Found a 1,500-year-old tomb of Japanese generals

A 1,500-year-old is believed to have been discovered by a Japanese general in Shibushi, Japan in intact condition.

Tombs are accidentally found in Shibushi city, one of the three largest islands in Japan when some workers are making a small road along a farm.

Picture 1 of Found a 1,500-year-old tomb of Japanese generals
The armor was found next to the stone coffin.(Photo: Shibushi).

In addition to the remains and armor, many items were buried, such as names, spears, iron axes, swords and a decorative pattern on armor. This is said to be a gift to see off of Yamato court.

The remains are still intact in a coffin made of stone. Research shows that this is the remains of a male general, 167cm tall. In addition, the iron armor found called the Tanko , remains intact in an amazing state.

According to Japanese media, the tomb is one of the largest tombs found east of Kagoshima Prefecture on Kyushu island.

Picture 2 of Found a 1,500-year-old tomb of Japanese generals
Of entering the crypt.(Photo: Flickr).

"This may be a high-ranking imperial court, closely related to the Yamato court," said archaeologist Tatsuya Hashimoto of the Kagoshima University Museum.

Currently, the Japanese government is still counting the number of tombs like this to register as a heritage site recognized by UNESCO. This means that archaeologists will not dig these relics.

However, Professor Noboru Toike, of Seijo University in Tokyo, disagreed.

"We cannot introduce our heritage to the world without knowing anything about it. So studying the tombs is essential first" - Professor Noboru Toike said.