Giant giant carp weighing 51kg suddenly caught fishing rod

The 54-year-old player spends about two weeks fishing in a lake before catching a giant fish from the carp family.

Picture 1 of Giant giant carp weighing 51kg suddenly caught fishing rod
Martin Davidson photographed with a big fish. (Photo: Sun).

Martin Davidson caught a 51kg fish at Euro Aqua Lake in Hungary last year but so far has announced his impressive results, Sun reported on 20/6. Michel Schoenmakers, a man from the Netherlands, also caught it in 2018. The animal was a little heavier then, reaching 51.2kg.

"I do not go fishing to set a world record, but I am quite lucky. Euro Aqua Lake now has a lot of large carp, estimated at more than 120 fish weighing 31kg or more," Davidson shared. He worked for about two weeks, battling rain and wind and using large quantities of bait each day before catching a 51-kilogram fish in the lake.

Common carp (Cyprinidae) includes many freshwater fishes living mainly in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Most often they eat invertebrates and plants. All species of this family lay eggs. The largest species is the barb fish (Catlocarpio siamensis) , the adults can reach 3 meters long and weigh 300kg.  

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