Harm when often in air-conditioned rooms

Sitting in the air for too long makes your skin dry, your body dehydrated, susceptible to respiratory diseases, allergies, eye diseases.

Dr Mark Mendell, an epidemiologist at the California Department of Public Health, said that heating or cooling systems in poorly maintained air conditioners can pollute, enabling microorganisms to grow. This is the main cause affecting human health. When studying in the National Laboratory, he realized the common health problems were asthma and allergies.

"We began to see harm when using air-conditioning in the 70-80s, when office workers had symptoms such as stuffy, shortness of breath, headache, fatigue and irritated skin. " Mend Mendell said.

The air cooling process of the air conditioner creates a large amount of moisture and condensation in the room, thereby producing bacteria and fungi. Risk of transmission of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract due to poor air circulation in the air-conditioned room. Dust and fungi moving in a poorly circulated atmosphere are more likely to cause allergies. The virus that causes flu is easily spread from patients to people around.

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Dry skin is a common phenomenon when sitting in air conditioning for too long.

In addition to respiratory problems, allergies, infectious diseases, some other harms must be mentioned as follows:

Dry skin

Dry skin is a common phenomenon when sitting in the air conditioner for too long, along with the situation of dehydration because the air conditioner absorbs moisture from the room, especially when the air conditioner is kept at low temperature and you feel too cold. At that time, drink lots of water.

Noise pollution

Some air-conditioners create unpleasant noise for users, causing headaches all day.

Eye problems

People sitting in the room turn on air conditioners prone to eye diseases such as eyelid inflammation and conjunctivitis, blepharitis. People who use contact lenses are also susceptible to many other problems.

Reduced heat resistance

For people who are accustomed to the cool environment in the air-conditioned room, the body reduces its ability to tolerate outdoor temperatures and thus perspire more.

Experts recommend to protect yourself from the harmful effects of air conditioning, you often have to maintain the machine. Space should be ventilated regularly, adjust the temperature no less than 25 degrees Celsius and maintain an average humidity of 60% to 70%.

Do not wear clothes that are too thin when you enter the room with air conditioning because blood vessels and nerves near the skin surface are vulnerable. Do not leave your face or ears near the airflow. When sitting in the air conditioner for too long, you should bring a jacket.

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