Home urine test for early detection of prostate cancer

Men can get a urine test (PUR) at home without having to go to the clinic or undergo a rectal exam.

That's a new study by scientists from the University of East Anglia and Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, published in the journal BioTechniques on November 29.

Picture 1 of Home urine test for early detection of prostate cancer
The urine sample collected at home contains the specific biomarkers of prostate cancer.

The team conducted a test on 14 people by providing them with a home urine collection kit and instructions for self-testing. They then compared the results of the first day's urine samples at the volunteers' homes to those collected after rectal examination.

As a result, the urine sample collected at home containing the specific biomarkers of prostate cancer is much clearer than the sample obtained after rectal examination. At the same time, the test participants admitted they preferred to conduct home tests instead of having to undergo a painful biopsy every 6-12 months.

This is an important step because urine early in the day contains high levels of biomass from the prostate gland, which helps to make an accurate diagnosis. The team hopes this discovery will revolutionize the diagnosis of the disease to make it quick and easy.

PUR test (urine test to assess the stage of prostate cancer) helps accurately diagnose invasive prostate cancer and predicts whether the patient needs treatment 5 years earlier than the methods clinical routine or not. Accordingly, men only need to test every 2-3 years.

The team also shared that their findings could also lay the groundwork for home test methods for bladder or kidney cancer.

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