Change urine color, detect 1 type of cancer very accurately

British and American scientists work together to create a very sensitive and simple cancer detection tool thanks to a chemical that affects urine color as soon as the disease is onset.

Research published in the journal Nature Natotech of Imperal College London (at the University of London, UK) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) has released a non-invasive , easy, highly sensitive tool can detect colon cancer at an early stage.

Picture 1 of Change urine color, detect 1 type of cancer very accurately
The new testing tool will cause urine to turn blue-gray if available - (artwork from the internet).

People who need the test will be injected with chemical nanoparticles, which cause special reactions to enzymes secreted by the tumor. If the person has colon cancer, their urine will turn light blue instead of the usual yellow.

"As tumors grow and spread, they often produce biological signals called biomarkers that clinicians use to detect and track disease," the scientists explained. .

The steps to performing the test are extremely simple, without the need for expensive and complicated laboratories. Professor Molly Stevens from Imperal College London, one of the team leaders said they wanted to develop it into a form of testing that could be performed remotely. Patients only need a smartphone, take a picture of their urine and send it to a specialist to get an initial diagnosis.

A simple and non-invasive method also saves the patient, can do it more often and reduce the pain and risk of infection like the old invasive methods.

The work is very significant because colon cancer, also known as colon cancer, is a common form of cancer and is also the type that can cause death if detected late. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), colon cancer, including colon and rectal cancer, is the fourth most common and also the fourth-leading cancer killer. in this country.

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