How big is the ocean?

When going to the beach, have you ever looked away into the ocean and wondered: "How big is the ocean?".

First, we need to understand that there is only one ocean, including the five regions called the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean. Although they are divided into different regions in different regions, they are essentially a unified body, a huge body of water, which forms the surface of this planet.

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The ocean covers 71% (about 360 million km 2 ) of our planet's surface, an ultra-wide area of ​​36 times the size of the United States.And when observing the Earth from space, the first thing we see is the ocean.

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The ocean contains more than 1.3 billion km 3 of water, accounting for 97% of the total water on Earth.Suppose, if all that water is poured in the US campus, we will see a huge water column higher than 132km, higher than the highest clouds in the atmosphere.

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Another amazing fact is that the world we know, including the entire living space of continents occupies only 1% of the biosphere.And the ocean possesses the rest, a giant region containing more than 99% of Earth's life.The importance of the ocean with life is nothing compared.

There are 4 records only on land, but we are mistaken for being the most in the world:

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The world's largest mountain range : The world's largest mountain- containing ocean is also known as the 'Mid-Ocean Ridge'.With a length of nearly 65,000 km, this mountain range is 10 times longer than the Andes - the longest natural mountain range on the mainland.

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The largest waterfall in the world: Under the Denmark Strait exists the world's largest waterfall with a water flow of 116 times per second Inga Falls of the Congo River - the largest waterfall on the mainland.

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The highest mountain in the world : Not Everest, but the main Mauna Kea mountain in Hawaii with 4200m above sea level and the rest about 5800m under the sea, the total absolute height of this mountain is nearly 10,000m over 1000m above Mount Everest.

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The deepest field in the world: This title belongs to the Challenger area, with a depth of 11 km below the surface of the ocean, 6 times deeper than the Great Alley and the ability to sink Mount Everest.In other words, Challenger has an absolute height approximately equal to the range of commercial aircraft.

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So no matter how you analyze it, the ocean is always BIG!The ocean that shapes our planet, is the largest 'home', the most diverse and most diverse life on Earth.The truth is we only know a very small part of the ocean.

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But the ocean is big but not too mysterious, we are always attached to it.In fact, nearly 50% of the world's population lives near the sea, most of the rest live near ponds, lakes and rivers and eventually lead to the sea.So almost every person on this planet can affect the 'health' of the ocean.Evidence is that 80% of the pollution that affects the ocean and the ocean comes from land activities.

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The ocean shapes our planet but in another sense, we shape the ocean.Protecting the ocean is protecting the Earth, it's also about our home!

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