Identifying genes that increase rice yields

Chinese scientists have identified a single gene that is critical to rice production as well as the height and duration of flowering of rice. This can be considered a decisive step to increase rice production.

Picture 1 of Identifying genes that increase rice yields

'Previously we thought that to increase rice production, we had to change many genes, but now we only need to adjust the single gene Ghd7 to be able to increase rice production,' said Zhang Qifa , researcher at the University of Agriculture. Huzhong said.

Zhang and colleagues studied 19 Asian rice varieties and found that short-term rice varieties had fewer seeds and bloom earlier when the Ghd7 gene was missing. However, when the gene is present, the rice yield is doubled, the flowering time and the height of rice plants also increase to 67%.

Scientists have also identified five different types of Ghd7. The most active type appears in rice varieties in warm sunshine, allowing rice plants to fully receive light and temperature to extend flowering time and increase yields; Inactive or less active types are found in colder regions and have a shorter growth period.

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