Invasions failed in world history

Some failed invasions of the rulers with the main reason is contempt, unprepared troops, thoughtful logistics .

3 unexpected invasions in world history

Napoleon invaded Russia

Napoleon Bonaparte made the invasion of Russia in 1812. This was the painful defeat of the world-famous military leader.

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While in the drunken state of victory, Napoleon led the great army of about 450,000 - 600,000 people to attack Russia. Meanwhile, the Russian side has about 200,000 soldiers and avoids most direct clashes with Napoleon's army. Because of the inadequate preparation of the military, the risk of a rapid military victory did not last more than 3 weeks, so Napoleon's army faced many difficulties.

Specifically, Russia has decided to stop fighting and clean up crops and supplies when withdrawing, deceiving Napoleon's army further into the forests, swamps and vast meadows. Due to lack of food, medicine . so about 5,000 Napoleon soldiers died every day due to illness, suicide and among them were deserters. In addition, Napoleon's horse herd also died at a rate of 50 heads / km, mainly due to unsanitary eating . Unfavorable weather is also one of the reasons Napoleon's army encountered many disadvantages in the invasion of Russia.

Because Russia continuously withdrew, Napoleon entered Moscow on September 14 of that year but only a quarter of the number. However, Moscow at that time also carried out a "vacant garden" policy that forced Napoleon to withdraw his troops to France in October 1812.

The siege of Gibraltar failed in France and Spain

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In 1779, France and Spain conducted siege of Gibraltar of England. This siege lasts for 3 years and 7 months. Although correlating British forces in Gibraltar was much smaller than the French and Spanish alliances, but with a brilliant beating, he managed to hold the siege for nearly four years.

British Admiral George Rodney crossed the blockade of Spain to get food supplies and supplies. By February 1783, the Spanish and French forces had to give up and Gibraltar won the battle to defend the territory. The French and Spanish sides failed to cope with the loss of 6,000 soldiers killed and 10 warships destroyed.

Operation Barbarossa

Barbarossa is the codename of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union from June 22, 1941 to February 2, 1943. Meanwhile, Hitler's fascist boss dreamed of invading the Soviet Union. This war saw both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union mobilize great military power.

About 8.9 million soldiers, more than 18,000 tanks, 45,000 aircraft and about 50,000 cannons of the two sides were deployed during the war.

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The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest battles between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Fighting against the Soviet Union with powerful forces, Hitler's army reached the area 320 kilometers away from Moscow after only three weeks of attack. However, Hitler's dream of conquering the Soviet Union soon became disillusioned when Soviet troops resisted fiercely.
Many bloody battles broke out between the Nazis and the Soviet Union. In it, the bloodiest battle was the battle of Stalingrad that decided to win and lose. During that war, the Nazis were defeated and took a disastrous defeat, ending the invasion of the Soviet Union.

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