Know not to waste electricity conditioning useless

Hot summers, so using air conditioning is essential in families. This also means that the monthly electricity bill will increase significantly. So open the air conditioner and choose the temperature to quickly cool and save electricity? Try ways to save electricity when using air conditioning and air conditioning below.

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Step into the bedroom, open the air conditioner and choose a temperature of 16 o C with the expectation that the room will be cooled quickly. With that action, you have just wasted electricity money in vain! This article will help you save money on such things.

How does air conditioner consume electricity?

An air conditioner has four main engines: a compression motor located at a hot rig (the most power consumption, about 95% of the total capacity of the air conditioner); cooling fan installed in hot rig; In-room convection fan and wind reversing motor located in the cooling rig . All types of common air conditioners now have relays that automatically disconnect the operation of the outdoor heater when the room has reached the required cold. The convection fan at the cooling platform operates during the time of opening the machine at a fast or slow speed depending on the user. The wind reversing motor runs or stops the option at the same time as mentioned.

In terms of operation, there are two types: conventional and inverter.

With conventional air conditioners, the power usage is relatively high and the life expectancy is reduced due to repeated restarting during continuous use. At the same time, the room temperature will fluctuate strongly (± 2 ° C).

For example, the machine is selected to open at 24 ° C. At this time all the motors of the machine operate until the room reaches a temperature of about 22 ° C - 24 ° C, the relay will automatically disconnect the heater's operation. After a certain time, depending on the heat exchange of the room with the surrounding environment, the room temperature gradually increases to 24 ° - 26 ° C, at which time the heater will be restarted and reduce the room temperature. about the desired level. The temperature difference of ± 2 ° C for temperature of 22 ° C and 26 ° C is due to the working inertia of the machine, for example when the sensor is measured, the room has reached 24 ° C, the command is interrupted, but The previous cold was still blown into the room, causing the room temperature to drop. Similar to when the room temperature increases by more than 24 ° C, the engine works again, but it takes a while before it gets a bit cold, at which time the room temperature rises.

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Air conditioners should be cleaned periodically, on average every 6 months.With the air filter plate, more frequent cleaning prevents dust accumulation.(Photo: NT)

Machines with inverter (inverter) use modern control technology, making compression engines operate with increasing capacity until the room temperature reaches the required level, the machine capacity will be controlled gradually, only operating at a moderate level to cool off to compensate for the amount of heat generated in the room (electrical equipment, heat from people .) and the heat from the outside passing through walls and doors . That capacity will increase or decrease depending on on the difference between room temperature and set temperature for air conditioner. Thanks to this control method, inverter air conditioners can save 30-50% of their energy compared to conventional machines. However, to achieve the above savings, the machine must be used under certain conditions as below.

And it should be noted that due to the new technology than conventional machines, the inverter series often cost 30 - 50% higher than other machines.

Optimal temperature when using

Air-conditioner only works effectively when the temperature around the heater is less than 48 ° C and the room temperature is greater than 19 ° C, violating these limits will cause the machine to operate inefficiently due to the ability to escape heat very low.

When starting the machine, we should only select the desired cooling temperature , then choose to add the quick cooling function shown on the remote control device, which in fact increases the speed of convection fan at the cooling rig. . It is advisable to avoid setting the lowest temperature of the machine as this does not help achieve the desired temperature faster, but only consumes more power because the machine must operate until the lowest temperature can be stopped. again.

In order to use air conditioners effectively for electricity, we should choose a moderate temperature. The environment temperature that the human body adapts to is in the range of 25 - 27 ° C. Therefore, choosing a temperature of 26 ° C is to ensure comfort in living but to save electricity. Whether the device reaches the temperature as the remote is due to the temperature sensor mounted in the indoor unit, but this device usually does not affect over time. So in case the old machine, still selected 24 ° C, the room still reaches that temperature, but will consume more electricity.

Reasonable installation

Choosing the right location to install the air conditioner system will save energy. Hot air rigs should be installed in a well-ventilated place , avoiding sunshine from inside the rig to increase the device temperature. In a windy area , a good installation direction is for the cooling fan to be perpendicular to the wind direction. This will increase the heat dissipation of the device. Note, do not install hot rigs in places with heat, exhaust fumes or chemicals that cause dirt, corrosion.

The difference in height and the distance between the chiller - the hot rig should be arranged reasonably, shortest to save material costs and save power consumption. For normal air conditioners, the length of gas pipelines should not exceed 5m and the height difference should not exceed 3m. Excessively exceeding the above norms will cause a significant reduction in system cooling capacity.

Save electricity during the use of air conditioner

  • There are two sets of wings in the cooler to help cool the wind off the rig in the desired direction. Users should adjust the wind blades so that cold air blows concentrated to the place where the coldest is needed.
  • Always turn off the air conditioner when there is no need to use it. If there is no need to use it for a long time, the user needs to turn off the source (aptomat) because if it is only turned off by the remote control, the machine will still consume the electricity and for safety reasons. Air conditioners should be cleaned periodically, on average every 6 months. For air filters, it should be cleaned more often, preventing dust accumulation.

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  • Turning off unnecessary lights makes the cooling process faster, Do not turn off or adjust the machine too much because restarting the machine will consume a lot of energy, so maintain a stable temperature.
  • If combined with a blower and to allow a cool water basin to improve efficiency, the fan helps to circulate cool air in the room.
  • If you do not leave the house for too long, do not turn off the air conditioner. It is best to increase the air conditioner temperature to the highest temperature (30 or 32 degrees) and close all windows and blinds . Covering the room will prevent sunlight from entering the room, causing the room temperature to rise too high. When you come back, you may feel hot for a few minutes but the heat generated is not so great that your air conditioner must work to cool it from the beginning.
  • Although air-con has wind radiators to help keep cool air in the right direction, it is best to stow furniture so that it does not block the wind direction, so you will feel faster and consume less electricity. more power.
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