Lift the object with light

Two Japanese scientists find ways to lift the object by magnetic force with laser and sunlight.

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Cushioning is not a strange concept in today's world. Magnetic padding is operating in China and they will also appear in many other countries in the future. By magnetic or electromagnetic force, the ship will fly in the air at the speed equivalent to a propeller or jet engine. Now a team of Japanese experts has come up with a way to create magnetic force through light. Their technology could lead to the emergence of new types of electric trains in the future and increase the efficiency of solar-powered power plants, Discovery reported.

Picture 1 of Lift the object with light
The rounded graphite floats and rotates on the top
Roller-shaped cylindrical magnet due to the action of laser.

Masayuki Kobayashi and Jiro Abe - researchers at Gakuin University in Japan - create magnets from iron, boron and neodymium. They arrange the magnets in a grid pattern and place an artificial graphite over the magnets. When exposed to external magnetic fields, graphite creates a magnetic field of its own. The magnetic field of the graphite pushes from the outer field causing the graphite to rise.

Then the experts launch a laser beam into the graphite sheet. The laser heats part of the graphite sheet and changes its magnetic sensitivity. As the laser moves to the middle of the graphite sheet, it landed. As the laser moves to the edge of the graphite sheet, it moves in the same direction as the laser.

The researchers placed a round graphite over the round cylindrical magnets and shone a laser at the edge of the graphite sheet. The results showed that the graphite sheet rotated at a maximum speed of 200 rpm. If the laser is replaced by sunlight, the graphite also rotates.

Kobayashi and Abe's findings could also alter the process of producing electricity from sunlight. Solar panels now turn natural light and turn them into direct current. Then the DC current is converted into alternating current. Another way is to use the heat of sunlight to boil water and use the power of steam to turn the turbine of the generator. If the disk of the generator is made of artificial graphite, it will rotate when exposed to sunlight and generate electricity. So we will not need a solar cell anymore.

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