Mars once existed drinkable water

The Curiosity probe of the US Space Agency (NASA) has discovered that primitive life once existed on Mars.

The Curiosity probe ship drills a sample of rock on Mars and then sends it to the chemical laboratory on this probe for analysis. The results show that the rock sample contains the chemical components needed for life to grow.

Picture 1 of Mars once existed drinkable water
The Curiosity probe detected signs of life on Mars.

'We have found a suitable environment for life to grow on Mars. Because water used to exist on the red planet and if you were there, you could drink it , 'said Dr. John Grotzinger, a member of the Curiosity project.

The scientists identified rock samples collected by the Curiosity probe in the Gale Crater basin on Mars last month, containing sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon. These are the necessary chemical components for life.

'The main task of the Curiosity probe is to answer the question of whether the environment on Mars is suitable for life to exist. From what we know so far, the answer is yes , 'said Dr. Michael Meyer, head of NASA's Mars discovery program.

From the data sent by the Curiosity probe, the scientists also identified the Yellowknife Bay area - where the exploratory vessel could be the end of an ancient river system or a large lake. Therefore, this area can meet the right conditions for bacteria to grow.

The $ 2.5 billion Curiosity probe has begun screening and Mars has since landed on the planet on August 5.

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