Microsoft: pirated Vista is also useless

The software giant claims that pirated copies of Vista that are spreading as missiles on the Internet "are completely worthless" to users.

These words came after the media reported that some websites were posting pirated versions of Vista and Office 2007. In it, pirated Vista is also equipped with a key code so that users can activate the operating system on the computer without paying, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. (Product key code is an unmatched series of serial numbers assigned to each software package sold).

Picture 1 of Microsoft: pirated Vista is also useless Source: macnn According to Herald, these sites even download "activation crack" code, allowing the activation process that Microsoft intentionally applied to ensure that the Vista version is being downloaded. legal version. Particularly for Office 2007, because the authentication mechanism is a bit loose, just download the key code to be able to use it, no additional activation code is required.

However, Microsoft says that pirated software versions will not work for long. " The versions that they download are not the final version. The best users should not take time because they are incomplete and not very valuable. These pirated versions are based on the use of code. activate pre-RTM and may be easily prevented by Microsoft Software Protection Platform ".

For the time being, the company is continuing to research pirated versions of Office 2007 and has yet to comment.

Microsoft has been harshly criticized after repeatedly delaying the release of Vista to the market, but it insists that it only wants to ensure the "best" product, overcome all security holes and problems. technical and especially piracy issues.

Microsoft distributed the Vista version to computer makers from November 8 to release new Vista laptops and desktops in January 2007. Consumers will be able to buy their own version of Vista on January 30.

Later this month, Vista will also be available to corporate customers, along with Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise.

Trong Cam

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