Mushroom World in Cat Tien

After more than 5 years of cooperation in research and collection, Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology and Dong Nai Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cat Tien National Park have just announced a list of more than 300 species of mushrooms , of which nearly 200 species were collected and preserved in the sample room of Cat Tien National Park.

Currently, these units are experimenting on mass cultivation, technology transfer and training for farmers to preserve and develop mushrooms.

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Ganoderma is grown at the mushroom farm of Cat Tien National Park.(Photo:

In addition to more than 300 mushroom samples of nearly 200 species that have been collected and preserved in the sample room of Cat Tien National Park, the research group of the above 3 units has also collected over 2,000 color photos of nearly 400 fungal species. discovered in the process of surveying, collecting and storing nearly 30 species of edible mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms.

According to a preliminary survey in the high-level mushroom system of Cat Tien area according to 21 main routes covering an area of ​​60,000 ha within 5 years (2004-2009), the research team has identified in Cat Tien more than 300 species of Dam mushroom (common basidiomycetes) has been recorded in Vietnam and identified more than 90 new fungal species, more than 20 new genera (or newly split), a new family is Bondarezwiaceae and a new set of Bondarzewiales.

The total number of scientific identifiers so far is about more than 370 species, distributed in 128 genera, 45 families and 22 orders. In addition, it has been discovered that the analysis has not yet classified about 60 species of strange mushrooms.

The team has also built a high-resolution natural image and laboratory analysis of most of the detected fungi, including more than 2,000 digitized document images, ensuring stored as a standard database; conducting anatomical morphological analysis of 330 species, isolated purely pharmacologically more than 90 species of data prepared for the botanical book for the Atlas - Cat Tien mushroom set.

According to engineer Nguyen Thi Anh - a member of the research team, a large number of fungal species, including high percentage of edible mushrooms in Cat Tien National Park, are favorable opportunities for scientists to conduct Experimental research aims to preserve and put this precious resource into practice.

So far Cat Tien mushroom farm has completed the farming process and can be transferred to large-scale farm households or farm growers over 50 types of mushrooms; including some kinds of high economic value such as lingzhi mushroom, king abalone mushroom, tough abalone mushroom, albino mushroom, shiitake mushroom, chicken thigh mushroom, and needle mushroom.

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