Mysterious 230-year-old ancient stone in France

A small village in the Brittany region of France is willing to reward up to 2,000 Euro (equivalent to about 52 million) to anyone who can decode ancient words, engraved on a 230-year-old stone tablet in the locality. direction.

Plougastel , a remote village in the Brittany region of France is attracting the attention of public opinion, as the locality offers a contest to decipher strange characters on ancient stone slabs in the locality.

Picture 1 of Mysterious 230-year-old ancient stone in France
Mysterious strange characters on the 230-year-old ancient stone in France.

Strange characters carved on a mysterious rock, located in a small bay, people can only be reached at low tide. The stone has 20 lines written in strange language, which so far no one can unlock it.

On the stone engraved time 1786 and 1787. In addition, there is a carvings of a ship with sad wings, rudders and a heart for sacrifice.

Some believe that the script may be old Breton or Basque ; while others think, who carve these lines into the slab can very . illiterate !?

Cap Dominique Cap, Mayor Plougastel said: "We have asked historians and archaeologists around here but no one can find the story behind the rock. So we think, maybe in the world there are people who possess the professional knowledge we need. Instead of staying in ignorance, we decided to launch a contest. "

The village of Plougastel was named for the contest "Mysterious Champollion at Plougastel-Daoulas" in honor of the scholar, psychologist and decoder Jean-François Champollion.

It is known that the village is hanging bonus for 2,000 Euro for anyone who can discover the true meaning of this 230-year-old message. While the tourism world said that this is just a way of promoting the wise tourism of the village of Western France, in the name of a competition.

  • The stone is the oldest written word
  • Mysterious carvings on ancient stones only appear in the moonlight
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