Decode the mysterious message on a 1,500-year-old ancient slab

After decades of research, scientists finally deciphered the mysterious message carved on an ancient 1,500-year-old stone slab.

Italian archaeologists discovered ancient lead stones in Israel dozens of years ago. Despite many efforts, for a long time they could not decipher the contents of the 110 inscriptions on it.

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The words on the ancient stone reflect a curse.

However, recently, thanks to the advanced "reflective transforming imaging" technology, which helped to clarify the surface image of an ancient stone, researchers were able to read the content of the message engraved on it.

The team said the line reflects a curse , asking the gods and demons to hurt a dancer named Manna. "Blindfolded, tie hands and feet," curse the content.

According to RT newspaper, Attilio Mastrocinque, a professor of Roman history at Verona University (Italy) was the first person who could decode ancient messages. He said that the object of the curse may be a famous artist. Reputation and jealousy can be the reason why someone wants Manna to lose her ability to perform.

"Slabs along with many other related artifacts at the end of the Byzantine Empire and early Middle Ages confirmed, the Roman Catholic spread of Christianity did not prevent magic. On the contrary, they were increasingly popular and become more sophisticated , " wrote Mastrocinque.

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