NASA discovers 'aliens' on Mars?

Aliens appear on Mars? Social network users in the United States have accidentally discovered 'aliens' in a photo taken by Mars self-propelled explorer robot NASA.

Found 'aliens'?

Accordingly, the picture was sent by Curiosity in July. It is not difficult to see the appearance of the 'alien' inside a cliff.

Picture 1 of NASA discovers 'aliens' on Mars?
The picture is controversial about the existence of 'aliens.'(Source: NASA)

Some people believe that it is a mysterious spider , while others think it is " Mars ."

This is not the first time, NASA photos of Mars caused controversy. Earlier, in late June, amateur aliens said they had discovered a structure identical to the Egyptian pyramid in NASA's official Mars images, sparking up hypotheses about the existence of a civilization on the Red planet.

Most recently, Curiosity self-propelled robot has also discovered a strange rock that can contain organic substances.

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