NASA probe detects alien sounds 'talk'?

A NASA probe flying over Saturn has captured a mysterious sound, thought to be the "talking" alien, the conspiracy supporters said.

According to the Daily Star, the mysterious sound was recorded when the Cassini probe first flew around Saturn in 2004. The Cassini vessel then recorded the tape with mysterious radio waves.

A YouTube account recently uploaded a video that captures this moment, with sounds like that from a sci-fi movie. NASA then said these sounds were very strange and 'don't know what to do with it'.

Picture 1 of NASA probe detects alien sounds 'talk'?
NASA has taken Cassini probe to discover Saturn since 2004.

Some people hypothesize that this is a way for alien life to communicate in space. In fact, the Cassini probe caught the mysterious radio two years before entering Saturn orbit.

During the flight around Saturn, Cassini also discovered Titan Moon, which is considered to have volcanoes and water, creating the chemicals needed to form life forms.

But according to some scientists, Saturn produces natural waves naturally because the planet's magnetic field is very strong. When charged particles accelerate through the magnetic field, it produces a hissing sound like what Cassini obtained.

The Cassini probe mission ended on September 15, 2017 when NASA said.

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