National Library of Chile - Latin America's largest library

One of the largest libraries in Latin America is the Chilean national library. From a small building with 8,000 original books, after 200 years of development, this place has become the pride of every person in this country.

Built in 1813, the Chilean National Library celebrated its 200th anniversary last year. More than 1.6 million books are being stored in a neoclassical building, including documents printed during the Spanish colonial era that have great value for history.

Picture 1 of National Library of Chile - Latin America's largest library
National Library of Chile.(Photo: Flickr)

Historian Don Mario said: 'In particular, the printed documents from the address are unique here and no other library has the right to own them. So, researchers from many countries in Latin America often come here. '

After the 8.8-magnitude earthquake in 2010, library staff took nearly three months to recover, bringing the books back to their proper positions. Currently, like many other libraries in the world, the Chilean National Library is speeding up the digitization of valuable documents for the next generation.

Mr. Roberto Aguirre - Director of Digital Division said: 'Previously, we could only scan 150,000 pages. Now with two advanced scanners, we hope to triple that number. '

The Chilean National Library regularly organizes exhibitions, exhibiting special collections of books and documents that the library owns. This activity not only helps this place become a cultural exchange place but also a great way to attract more and more readers to this library.

Invite you to explore inside the Chilean National Library through the following clip:

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