New research: Detecting 'immortal' cancer cells by vitamin C

On June 19, researchers at Chile's University of Concepción reported finding cancer cells that met their nutritional needs and became 'immortal' by absorbing vitamin C.

According to a reporter in South America, speaking to Concepción University Radio Station, lead researcher Dr. Coralia Rivas said this is the main mechanism that cancer cells can survive.

Cancer cells that receive the oxidized vitamin C (dehydroascorbic acid or DHA) have high levels around the tumor, transport it to the inside and then turn them into vitamin C, the type of Ascorbic acid-AA that has the anti-function function. oxidation.

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Vitamin C is essential for all living organisms, especially for humans.

The study found an unexpected feature of cancer cells capable of accumulating large amounts of vitamin C compared to other normal cells.

After experimenting with breast, prostate and diphtheria cancer cells, Chilean experts found that vitamin C exhibited characteristics as an antioxidant, helping to protect these cancer cell lines.

Doctor of Biological Sciences Carola Muñoz, a member of the research team, explains that unlike normal cells, a cancerous substance is called SVCT2 (Sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter 2).

SVCT2 takes vitamin C as Ascorbic acid-AA and directly carries it to the mitochondria (the organ responsible for providing most of the energy needed for cell activity).

Thus, cancer cells become "immortal" , although surrounded by oxidants can destroy them in other ways.

SVCT2 allows tumor mitochondria to convert vitamin C inside to help cancer cells avoid being destroyed. SVCT2 is in the cell, not outside the surface as expected.

Chilean scientists say they will work to create a pharmacological solution, searching for a stool test that could prevent cancer cell transport of vitamin C into the mitochondria.

In addition, experts also confirmed that the publication of the information is not intended to advise patients to remove vitamin C in the diet , but it is important to find a way to eliminate the ability of the cell to survive. thanks to this mechanism.

Vitamin C is essential for all living organisms, especially for humans. This is a must-have substance in the diet. Removing vitamin C in the diet will cause complex diseases that make the human body immune.

According to statistics, 62 people die every day in Chile due to cancer.

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