New video filmed the fearsome 'hell gate' for 50 years

The Sun has just published an amazing video of 'hell gate' in Turkmenistan.

Photographer Alessandro Belgiojoso shot amazing images from above, showing the Darvaza hole burning fire.

Picture 1 of New video filmed the fearsome 'hell gate' for 50 years
Darvaza pit seen from above.

The hole in the Karakum desert is called 'hell gate' by the people . It is believed to have burned for 50 years.

Darvaza Hole, 69 meters wide and 30 meters deep, is one of the most exotic places on Earth and is a popular tourist destination.

The reason why the Darvaza pit is constantly burning has not been officially explained.

The most common explanation is that Soviet scientists have been drilling for gas here .

During the drilling process, the ground above collapsed and swallowed up the entire number of Soviet geologists.

Fearing that the toxic gases below would escape, geologists decided to burn it in the hope that the fire would turn off in a few days. But since then, the fire has not shown signs of stopping fire.

According to National Geographic, scientists have probably underestimated the amount of fuel that lies beneath the region: Turkmenistan is the sixth largest gas reserves in the world.


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