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Masaya hell mouth, the death end . is considered the "negative gate" of the ancient and modern people.

>>>Visiting hell "frightening" of ancient people

Many people still go to find the answer after death, where will people go? The answer is said in many religions, cultures . that is the negative realm, or hell. It is described as extremely gruesome, filled with dead spirits and connected to the Earth with a gate.

Is this completely human imagination? However, in fact, we know a few places described as a hell gate connecting the earth and the negative realm . Let's review some of those creepy places through the article below.

1. Masaya hell mouth

Explorers in the sixteenth century mentioned a large volcano and so strange that it was enough to turn the night into a day. And this "hell gate" is full of fire like never before. It is the Masaya volcano currently located in the Republic of Nicaragua.

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The adventurers bravely climbed in to learn and told them that in front of their eyes was a sea of ​​fire and smoke and the abyss seemed endless. They were all afraid, worried about the moving sounds of flowing lava, so named it the mouth of hell.

Not only European explorers but most generations of indigenous people believe that volcanoes are representatives of a god. Volcanic activity roared, seething as a warning sign that this god should be sacrificed.

Later, women and children were thrown into the crater to please the cruel god. And so, Masaya crater had swallowed innumerable innocent people, melting with hot lava.

2. The doomed mountain Hekla

According to records, the volcano Hekla in Iceland began erupting strongly from the Middle Ages. Each eruption, it created a terrifying high dust and covered an area of ​​nearly 40km, which was like Hekla bringing dark things from hell to the world.

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Estimated to date, this volcano has erupted 20 times, causing countless serious damage. The eruption in 1845 created an intense earthquake, lava, fire and smoke that destroyed houses and gardens, causing many deaths. Not only that, survivors kill, scramble like animals to survive.

Even in modern times, Icelandic people are still very frightened to hear that this volcano works again. In 2000, the volcano Hekla caused Iceland tourism to be shattered because the smoke covered the sky black. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when Icelanders in particular and Europeans all think it is a gateway to hell.

3. Hell cave Belize

A series of caves in Belize's nature reserve several thousand years ago have been used for Mayan rituals. Anyone who comes in here sees the bones of adults and babies, aged between babies and middle-aged. Most skeletons are about 1,200 years old and the unique environment of the caves makes them more gruesome.

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Through research, this is the body of innocent people who were sacrificed for 12 souls governing the negative realm of Xibalba. These souls include evil spirits capable of controlling poverty, disease, pain .

Whenever a disease occurs, or a natural disaster occurs, the Dharma teachers will bring the people down to the caves - where it is said to be connected to the negative realm to sacrifice souls for spirit.

4. Lake Death of Avernus

Avernus Lake in Italy has long been mythology as the gateway to the afterlife. The legend here tells that the hero Virgil bravely went to hell to bring his dead father back. He went down to a fire-filled store and bravely battled the demons and soldiers to save his father.

Thanks to his intellect and determination, he saved his father. The angry King engulfs the gates of hell and earth by creating a giant lake. The Italian people believe it is Avernus Lake.

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Therefore, people are very scared when approaching this lake, less daring to approach the night. This inadvertently allowed the Mafia to take advantage of it to hide drugs, kill dead bodies, and place rich hostages.

Recently, the whole of Italy was startled when a Mafia boss named Giuseppe Setola headed an assassination band that had been captured at Lake Avernus. Stelo told police that, because he knew the lake was a nightmare for the locals, he built a cave to torture and kill hundreds of protesters. So it is not only in the legend, but also in the reality of the Avernus lake is no different from earthly hell.