Paved with rubber tires

Picture 1 of Paved with rubber tires Imagine the rubber highway. (Source: BBC) UK has launched a project to combat traffic congestion, with the rehabilitation of 14,500 kilometers of track removed by slices on which the plastic sheet made of shredded rubber tires.

The new line can be used for cars and trains at speeds of up to 80 km / h, said Holdfast, the company that carried out the project.

However, some people using the old rails do not support this plan. They like them being converted into walking paths and for cyclists. According to them, adding roads will not reduce the congestion, but only fill up the car number.

Holdfast used rubber tires for pedestrian crossings and railway crossings. Now, they extend this idea to create cheap plaques that can be placed in the gap between the abandoned tracks.

Every 1.6 km of rubber roads will need to use 354,000 tires. The sheets are made by the "cold" method to produce the least amount of waste in the production process.

Picture 2 of Paved with rubber tires Source: BBC A 300-meter test run has been built in a car park in Northamptonshire. Within 8 weeks, more than 8,000 vehicles will cross this surface to ensure that it can withstand friction and drag.

Coates Smith, managing director of Holdfast, said he was surprised to see that the route could be made so fast. 4 men take only 5 days to put 300 meters of road. "The plates we use in the future will be three times as long, and you can imagine 900 meters in five days," he said.

The company also emphasized that they did not intend to recreate the abandoned roads in rural areas. On the contrary, it would be a cheap alternative to runways across urban areas.

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