Tires are made from dandelion flowers

It is possible that in the near future, your tires will be made from dandelion flowers. This is the latest research by German scientists.

The world's leading tire companies such as Bridgestone or Continental are spending millions of dollars on this research. It is expected that this will be an effective alternative for the currently scarce rubber market.

Today, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany are cultivating and breeding a dandelion flower. The roots of this flower contain a milky white liquid with rubber molecules that can be used to make tires.

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"The roots of this new plant contain huge amounts of rubber ," says Dirk Pruefer of the Fraunhofer Institute . That is why we have been researching this work for many years to develop this unique advantage. However, one of the major challenges is multiplication '.

The world's leading tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone or Continatal have spent millions of dollars on this research. This is understandable as the raw material for the tire industry is taken primarily from Southeast Asia. In addition, rubber plant epidemics in Brazilian plantations have also rocketed rubber prices, especially in 2011.

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Mr. Dirk Pruefer added: "At first, we have achieved good results. Continental's strategic partners have produced many samples for quality control. What we find is that the quality of this new rubber is quite similar to that of natural rubber. "

Tires currently contain about 10-40% of natural rubber.

Dandelion was once used as a source of rubber during World War II. Now, this flower is being considered as a viable alternative for the rubber market in the near future.

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