Tires never punctured

At the Tokyo Motor Show this week, Bridgestone unveiled its latest invention: airless tires.

Invented, although new in the test phase, but successful in the traditional car for elderly Japanese.

Picture 1 of Tires never punctured
With this type of tire does not need air, consumers
No need to worry about tire puncturing. (Photo Gizmag)

The tire is essentially a 9-inch wheel with plastic spokes that can be bent to the left or right to support maximum wheel movement.

The wheel is made of plastic so no need for inflating and users do not have to worry about puncturing the tire.

Wheel material is also very interesting as it can be reused.

Bridgestone is evaluating the performance of tires with traditional cars before being put to full use.

Unplugged tires are not the first idea of Bridgestone. Michelin also had similar ideas and even won the gold medal of the 2006 Innovation Award.

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