Turn old tires into Li-ion batteries

Researchers from the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have recently worked out a way to collect carbon black from old tires to turn into good-performing materials. than for Li-ion batteries.

Parans Paranthaman and Amit Naskar say their research process is largely related to the pretreatment of tires and then pyrolysis to decompose organic matter. Muscle in oxygen deficiency. The product obtained from this process will be powdered black coal.

Picture 1 of Turn old tires into Li-ion batteries

Black coal is known to have a chemical structure similar to that of graphite, a material used to make anode of Li-ion batteries. However, the difference is that man-made black coal.

They also tested them as the anode of the Li-ion battery, and the unexpected result was that black coal helped bring about a higher efficiency. Much better than ordinary graphite. This is largely due to the black hole's honeycomb structure that provides a larger surface area for the storage of energy.

Picture 2 of Turn old tires into Li-ion batteries
A description of the black coal process from recycled tires.

The researchers are also working on a new pilot project to replicate this approach and move towards obtaining technology licenses for future commercialization.

In particular, once commercialized, this technology promises to cut production costs for Li-ion batteries and help solve the environmental problems associated with older tires. .

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