Rats respond to panic cat regress

The brave mouse chose to face the cat instead of turning away, thus escaping spectacularly narrowly.

A passerby records a clash between a short-haired golden cat and a rat in a dark alley in the capital, Istanbul. Being cornered by enemies, the mice decided to fight back and caused the yellow cat to rush back.

Picture 1 of Rats respond to panic cat regress
Rats respond to panic cat regress.

In the video, the yellow cat caught a mouse crawling in the alley and decided to turn it into dinner. Seeing the mouse hiding behind a rock on the side of the road, the cat prepared a pounce position, snatching directly above it to catch the mouse as soon as the target tried to run away. The mice seem to sense danger and are tail-blocked by cats in the first few turns of escape. However, it suddenly changed tactics, constantly jumping forward to face the enemy.

The mouse even let out a loud hissing preventing the cat from coming near it. Successfully repelling the cat, the mouse quickly escaped into a small alcove of a nearby building to escape, leaving the yellow cat still confused at the situation and unable to understand the prey disappearing right before its eyes with how.


  • Frightened cat fled the mouse on the street
  • It turns out not to keep cats just to get rid of rats
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