Robot underwater wood saws

Robot makers have launched Sawfish, a robot that can dive into the water under a reservoir. Remote controlled, Sawfish can work with a narrow space. It has eight cameras as well as an underwater navigation system for full information transfer to the operator.

In addition, Sawfish is also equipped with 37-50 self-inflating floats to make the tree float on the surface and circular saw to cut trees; It is possible to make multiple slices in one operation and not to fall over.

Sawfish uses vegetable oil for his hydraulic system. Another advantage is that it does not harm the surface of the reservoir. It can be positioned precisely with remote control and can work at any depth.

Today there are about 300 million trees that can supply wood around the world beneath lakes and lakes.

Picture 1 of Robot underwater wood saws
The first independent water-based technology in the world was used
This robot helps to cut wood in the underwater forest (Photo: TTO, LiveScience).