Shiver strange creatures like coming from aliens in Serbia

According to the description of the people, the strange creature is like a long black shoelace wiggling on the shores of Lake Zavoj in Serbia.

Immediately after being spread on social networks, the video created controversies about the identity of the creature. The creature is dark in color, moves with a special motion and has no specific direction.

Picture 1 of Shiver strange creatures like coming from aliens in Serbia
Pictures of strange creatures appeared in Serbia.

Marko Ungurjanovic, who shared the video, said he had caught a whimsical creature when he was fishing.

While Marko Ungurjanovic does not know exactly what this creature is, some have suggested that it is most likely a Nematomorpha (horsehair worm).

This horsehair worm parasitizes insects, especially crickets. As adults, parasitic worms live in pond and lake water and give birth in twisted form to poison the crickets when drinking water here.

Most Nematomorpha species range in size from 5 to 10 cm, sometimes reaching up to 2 meters in length in some special cases. Adult Nematomorpha live freely in the water, but their larvae live in parasites of various insects and crustaceans.

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