Strange creatures cross their heads on the Australian river

A strange creature protruding from the river in Australia raises speculation about sea monsters and aliens.

Images of strange creatures protruding from the water.(Video: Facebook.)

David White, owner of a company that organizes an eco-tour on the River Daintree, Australia's Queenland state, on August 8 found a strange creature jutting out of the water, according to WN.

The unidentified creature image appeared a few moments on the mud pool before slowly disappearing in the video posted on Facebook, attracting nearly 5,000 views. Netizens conjecture that this could be a miniature whale, a son, a lung fish, a sea monster of the Daintree River and even an alien.

However, according to the company's employees, the possibility of birth appears in the puddle created by this tide is just a saury. " We believe this is a saury," the company employee said.

Saury is a subfamily of white goby. They are amphibians, living in mud, can use pectoral fins to step out of the water. Saury adapted to tidal life by hiding under seaweed or puddles when the tide recedes.

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