Skills to prevent street robbery

Crime in Saigon is causing insecurity for people. Please introduce the article of Mr. Doan Van Bau-TS Psychology, People's Security University on the skills of preventing robbery.

To ensure safety when traveling on the street, road users need to equip some of the following skills of prevention and behavioral property robbery:

Prevention skills before leaving the street

Limit wearing expensive jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets . when leaving the street . If necessary to wear, when traveling by motorbike, it is necessary to wear a jacket to cover the jewelry, avoid bad guys to detect or cause difficulties, disable robbery behavior.

If you go to a car, you need to estimate the destination, determine a safe stop to avoid robbery or ask your fellow travelers to pay attention.

Picture 1 of Skills to prevent street robbery
The knight seized robbery on the streets of Saigon.(Photo: CT).

If using mobile phones, iPad . pay attention to activate security functions such as password, positioning, search . to help authorities determine location, recover or disable devices robbery.

When walking on a walkway, if you need to bring a purse, purse or purse containing valuable property or important papers to wear securely in front of your abdomen or right hand in the direction of movement, put it into the jacket pocket .

If traveling by motorbike, remove the bag, for the trunk , if the car does not have a trunk, leave it in the front, tie it tightly, use a coat and raincoat to cover it. Bags should not be worn on the back or hung on the left side of the vehicle in the direction of movement.

If traveling by car alone, you should leave your bag in the side seat, pay attention to lock the door if the vehicle does not have automatic lock mode, avoid the case of taking advantage of the east road, open the door to shock.

Skills of preventing and combating robbery when moving

If walking , go in the opposite direction to the traffic direction, take care to go deep inside the sidewalk, away from the motorcycle lane . Attention should be paid to those who move side by side and back (in many cases, those who get out of the car will move along with people walking and snatching assets and then on motorcycles to escape).

If a suspicious sign is detected, it is necessary to go quickly to a crowded place or to a store or a restaurant so that the bad guys cannot come out. When you need to listen to the phone, stop, look around, move to a safer position, and listen to the phone while watching the robbery.

If traveling by motorbike, you must first obey the road traffic law, move in the right lane, stop the car in the right line. If an object is found to move right behind or suspicious left, it may suddenly accelerate. Observe the rearview mirror, if the suspect moves, if it is determined that the robber should pull over or temporarily stop the vehicle in a safe place to avoid being abused.

Should not just ride the car while listening to the phone, including the person sitting behind . Need to find a safe location, pull over to the side of the road, build a car, step right down, look around, and make sure you listen to the phone safely.

Watch out for caution at the time of boarding , prepare to start the engine and stop, turn off the engine when you arrive. This is the time when the robbery objects often hand out.

If traveling by personal car or taxi need to be alert of the time of up and down, this is the time when bandits often follow to hand out. Before getting on the car, you need to pay attention to the surroundings, if you see suspicious objects are watching, look straight at them, just go to the car and look so they do not dare to go.

Before getting off the bus, you need to look around, feel safe to walk out, quickly move to the destination.

Picture 2 of Skills to prevent street robbery
Carefully use your phone when you leave the street.(Illustration).

When the vehicle is stopped at a red light or the lane is jammed, if there are 2 motorcycles stopping in parallel with the front door in the direction of travel, it is more likely that the object will use tricks to break the rearview mirror. Need to be proactive, press the door down a enough space to be able to exhale people on the road when broken glass or also a warning move that makes the object dare not go out.

Skills to handle situations when robbed

If you are walking and being robbed, you need to quickly reflect, try to run after a short while shouting "robbery, rob" to help others. If the people or specialized forces catch the object, it is necessary to cooperate with the police to get testimony and return the property.

If the object escapes, quickly calm down to remember the license plate number and identity characteristics of the suspect. Then need to report immediately to the police. Coordinate with the police to use the location function, search for smartphones or disable the device when it is found impossible.

Traveling by motorbike with a robbery, if it is 2 young people, it should be pursued, shouting "robbery, robbery" to support road users. The person behind it needs to pay attention to the objects moving behind to perform the task of blocking and warning the rider, promptly handling and fighting back when being objected and cycling to avoid causing accidents.

If it is determined that the right person is in charge of blocking the ground, there is no need to pursue the person who directly robbed and turned over to control the obstacle to the police . Even if the suspect has denied it, accepting himself as a pursuit supporter should not let the subject go but must wait for the police force to support and verify.

Picture 3 of Skills to prevent street robbery
If the suspect escapes, quickly go to the police office and report it to receive the necessary support.

If traveling by motorcycle alone and being robbed, only chasing after determining that there is no object blocking, must be able to master the speed, chasing and shouting "rob and rob". If the suspect escapes, quickly go to the police office and report it to receive the necessary support.

In the case of a scene causing accidents, fighting, jealous . it is necessary to calmly withdraw the car keys and preserve the property. If the object using force immediately shouted "robbery, robbery" to receive the support of the pedestrians, do not explain, distract with the bad guys.

When moving by car alone, if being staged by a traffic accident to steal or rob people, they must calmly keep their assets in the car, lock the doors and then settle down. If the object causes wood, using force, should shout "robbery, rob" to receive the support of pedestrians.

In case of being pressed by the vehicle, breaking the rearview mirror to find it safe to pursue, it is necessary to press the glass door, shout "rob, rob", squeeze the car horn continuously to support road users. Should not be disrespectful, pursuing the object easily leads to accidents.

If the object escapes, it is necessary to quickly report to the police. If you need to be able to find the "flea market" to redeem the glasses, when the transaction needs to arrange recording and recording facilities as evidence to denounce the act of consuming the property committed by other people, it is possible to police officer.

Get to know what a robber is like?

According to Lam Hieu Long's "knight" , the robbers often ride, change their structure, wear long-sleeved shirts and face tight, while moving or looking across. These people often look at women to observe whether the "prey" wears jewelry or phones, baskets on people or not. If a victim is found to have property, the robbery object will watch to see if anyone follows and then gives a quick hand. Professional robbers often take two motorbikes to support each other.

There is now a new form of robbery to ride SH to disguise, avoiding the precaution of the people as well as the police. Besides, an equally dangerous type of crime is staging robbery. This group often gathered 8-10 people, both boys and girls walking on the street laughing, making many people not watchful. When a "prey" is detected, an assigned person runs up or collides or bikes for the victim to fall. After that, the group went behind to pretend to help the victim get up and then take advantage of the loophole of robbery.

And Minh Tien's "knight" said that it is extremely difficult to identify the robbers, they are very disguised, only those in the police or "knights" are able to accurately identify. According to him, the robbery is now divided into two categories: first, running motorbikes all over the roads, detecting "prey" and then snatching; The second is to sit in a place at the water shop, before the ATM, when you see the victim withdraw money, they will follow, waiting for the right opportunity to hand.

The identification of criminals is very difficult, but according to Mr. Tien, people need to pay attention to some points: Always look at the rearview mirror to see if anyone follows them through many streets; When stopping the red light, pay attention to whether someone is looking towards you; When you just get out of the ATM or just unplug the phone in the wallet, if someone is standing up or suspicious, someone next to you should take precautions.

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