Software using AI technology can translate 2000 languages

An app with the newly launched OBTranslate has the ability to support translating more than 2,000 African languages ​​with the aim of making it easy for people to access the world market.

According to information from the manufacturer, currently 63% of the population in Africa living near the Sahara region cannot access the world market because of language barriers.

Mr. Emmanuel Gabriel, founder of Germany-based OpenBinacle, co-founded OBTranslate, is coming out this month, saying that there are actually more than 52 African languages ​​being "premature" because there are no native speakers. .

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OBTranslate can help narrow down the communication gap in the world.

This invention was derived from a messaging application that dates from 2017, allowing users around the world to interact with each other through the 26-language African translation tool, but the initial time used is not yet given. Get accurate results.

'We are very disappointed with this messaging application and no longer want to continue with such a bad product,' Gabriel said. 'Therefore, we decided to start building a translation and machine learning platform and the result was OBTranslate '.

According to Pangeanic, a global translation company based in Spain, a computer- assisted translation tool converts documents into smaller segments, bringing a quick and accurate translation. than.

The segments can be recalled, so translators can ensure that the term and style are consistent, explained Pang Pangeanic on her website. This also saves you when the translated document is somewhat similar to the previously translated document, you only need to pay for the different sections that need to be translated.

Gabriel said: 'We created OBTranslate with an innovative business model, ensuring that this tool will be maintained to pay for everyone who has the most accurate translation.'

In the next five years, producers hope to attract thousands or millions of users who can handle translation documents on OBTransTable.

'We are working hard to ensure that when users submit documents in African languages, the system will automatically search to guess the context around the source text'.

OpenBinacle has received a US $ 100,000 grant from France's OVH cloud computing company, as well as Amazon and Google and is looking for funding opportunities to refine OBTranslate.

Bukunmi Seweje, managing director at Compucode Limited, Nigeria, expressed confidence that OBTranslate will be an effective support tool to help business people in Africa.

But to help make the application more friendly and accessible, Seweje said that this technology should be integrated into existing communication platforms like WhatsApp.

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