Song to match the flanges to hunt

Scientists at the University of Tuscia in Italy have discovered a combination of sea fish and starfish when they attack the sea urchin prey.

This sea fish likes to eat sea urchin feet, but it is not easy to draw the feet of the porcupine in the seabed. Meanwhile, Marthasterias glacialis - a starfish, also likes to eat sea urchins, but not always fast enough to catch prey.

Picture 1 of Song to match the flanges to hunt

Nicola Galasso of the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, Italy, and colleagues discovered that these two species have mutual support to catch prey.

When the sea urchin is attacked by a starfish, it draws up the sea urchin's feet, the marine fish can be eaten. Meanwhile, marine fish will neutralize sea urchins, allowing starfish to catch prey and eat prey.

Two predators don't seem to really cooperate to sacrifice for each other. However they do so for mutual benefit.

'This provides further evidence that smart marine fish can be adapted to food search methods , ' Galasso said.

She also found that this elaborately disguised color sea fish knows to follow divers, because they often break sea urchins to attract fish.

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