Stone slices wifi path

In the past, many people talked about putting something down the road, from the parking lot mounted in the asphalt, the electric coil, to the generator, the water pipe to heat .

Picture 1 of Stone slices wifi path
IPavement Products - (Photos: Gizmag)

Now, a company in Spain has built yet another 'street technology' product called iPavement , ie pavement paving stones with Wifi broadcasting function.

According to Gizmag website, each sheet of stone is 40 x 40 x 7cm, weighs about 24kg and is connected together by 1,000W cable and contains 5GB processor connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth or Wifi.

IPavement products will also have built-in applications including a digital library; maps of shopping, dining and entertainment places; a list of discount coupons; obstacle warning service on the road .

To ensure continuous connection, recommended iPavement slabs are placed more than 20 meters apart. This product works well in temperatures from -10 o C to 45 o C.

Reference: Gizmag

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