Strange virus caused rainbow birds to die in mass

A virus spreading rapidly is causing the famous rainbow parrot in South Queensland, Australia to fall to the ground in mass.

The virus causes 'lorikeet paralysis syndrome' or 'clawed syndrome' which prevents the rainbow bird (lorikeet) from sticking to branches or landing on the ground, or even flying normally. The severity of the disease can vary from person to person, but they all share the same fate of falling to the ground and dying.

Picture 1 of Strange virus caused rainbow birds to die in mass
Strange virus makes the rainbow bird can not stick to branches or land on the ground, can not even fly normally. (Image: ABC)

'Some birds, because they cannot fly or travel normally, will fall to the ground and starve or become prey for predators or ants,' ABC quoted bird expert Darryl Jones from Griffith University.

'An awful way to die , ' the expert added.

This alarming situation is happening on a large scale, Mr. Jones said. Although not related to Covid-19, this virus has an important similarity: they spread rapidly when birds are in close contact.

'The problem is that lorikeet is pretty bad at keeping distance.'

The virus has been detected many times in Australia since the 1970s. It is now spreading in southeast Queensland, such as Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.

'At any given time, we have about 30 infected parrots at the hospital,' said Michael Betty, representative of the Royal Society against Animal Abuse (RSPCA).

The origin of the virus has not been clarified, but bird food in the wild may be the cause. "We are not sure how this is related (between bird food and disease), we know about the disease, but we don't know the cause."

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