Students of automatic antenna design

Student Le Thanh Dat, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, has successfully developed an automatic navigation antenna system that can be used to receive broadcast television on vehicles that are constantly moving like ships. , vehicles, especially sea boats.

At present, the need to watch television of people on transport means such as trains, buses, especially fishermen on seagoing boats is very large.

While the reception of TV signals on these media has not been possible due to continuous position changes making current types of antennas unable to receive continuous waves, causing the signal to be interrupted leading to zero watch television.

Easy to watch TV

The antenna system developed by Le Thanh Dat consists of a small sized control box equivalent to the popular digital television receivers and an antenna that can be rotated by command from the control box.

The control interface is very simple, including an input keyboard and a small LCD screen to display the access parameters. When operating, the box automatically handles the vehicle's ever-changing location and 'commands' the antenna to always rotate the main receiver in the direction of a TV signaling station.

Picture 1 of Students of automatic antenna design
Le Thanh Dat and an automatic antenna system for navigating television reception for boats - (Photo: Đ.Hi)

When boats move through different areas and waters, the system will also automatically navigate to receive waves from the antenna with the strongest signal, helping to watch TV channels to ensure quality.

Users can also combine self-tuning to achieve the best image quality.

Dat tested his system by connecting to the TV and constantly changing the position of the antenna system to check the quality of received television signals.

The results of the system handle the position change process very quickly and the antenna always turns the receiving direction towards the TV signaling station. Therefore TV always receives good signal from the desired TV station.

Dat said confidently: 'With this automatic navigation antenna system , people can watch TV channels easily. Especially the fishermen who regularly go to the sea can follow up and catch up on the current news and entertainment on the television in Vietnam '.

Very practical applicability

Associate Professor Hoang Dinh Chien, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, who proposed the idea and instructed Le Thanh Dat to implement the topic, said it took three years of research on the subject.

He said there have been no other research topics or studies on the construction of television reception systems for people on boats.

Mr. Chien seemed very proud to comment on the student's success: 'This is a very difficult topic for a student because of integrating many different technologies. The implementation requires students to study and learn a lot of knowledge from fields such as telecommunications, electronics, mechanics . Therefore, the process of building the system is not simple despite being directed. guide. The topic has a very high practical applicability because our country has a lot of vehicles, especially a large sea-going vessel, and the need to monitor television news of fishermen is also very large and important. If the topic is invested to improve and implement practical applications for people, it will be very meaningful! '.