Typhoon Haiyan collapsed Uong Bi TV antenna antenna column

When sweeping Quang Ninh province, Typhoon Haiyan broke the 52m-high broadcasting radio mast of Uong Bi City, sank a raft in Ha Long and roofed hundreds of houses.

On the night of November 10 and November 11, Typhoon Haiyan landed in Vietnam, going directly to the coast of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh provinces. During an intense night of seminars, on 11/11, the rain in Quang Ninh had stopped, only the winds of level 5 and 6 were left.

Picture 1 of Typhoon Haiyan collapsed Uong Bi TV antenna antenna column
The 52m-high broadcasting radio mast in Uong Bi city has collapsed.(Photo: CTV)

According to a quick report from the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province, the whole province was lucky that there was no damage to people, the dikes and boats were safe. However, a 52m-high broadcasting radio mast in Uong Bi city has collapsed. A raft in Ha Long was sunk by the waves. In addition, 5 level 4 houses collapsed, nearly 100 ivory houses were roofed, a series of broken trees and branches were turned on.

Specifically, Cam Pha City, an array of rafts is drifted in Cam Trung - Cam Thuy ward area, but was rescued by the rescue force. In addition, a crane ship was washed into the port of Cam Pha Cement Plant, when the wave will be held by functional forces.

Tien Yen district of Quang Ninh province has 15 collapsed houses, 129 houses with roofs and a mobile broadcast column that have been poured, hundreds of households have been flooded even though the rain is not large. The reason is that the rising tide in the sea makes the river water rise more than 4 meters, close to the surface of the town road. Water continued to rise, so the District People's Committee organized the relocation of more than 1,000 households in low-lying areas to a safe place.

Picture 2 of Typhoon Haiyan collapsed Uong Bi TV antenna antenna column
Although the storm has passed but the wind in Ha Long still jerks, waves are 3 to 4 meters high.(Photo: Do ​​Thanh Nam)

The area of ​​Ha Long City due to permanent houses is hardly destroyed by Haiyan storm. Only the campsite of the construction workers of Cai Lan port station was unroofed, a house in Ha Trung ward was subsided, a wrecked raft, a broken raft, and 3 raft houses were roofed.

Currently, most of provinces in the province still lose power. Quang Ninh Electricity Company and Northern High Voltage Grid Enterprise said that due to the strong wind speed, the 110kV line from Ha Long to Mong Cai and the medium voltage lines from Dong Trieu to Mong Cai suffered , causing widespread power outages. The power industry is mobilizing all human resources to handle the problem.

Quang Ninh Province estimated the initial damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan was about VND 50 billion.