Suddenly discovered 'heaven gate - interstellar tunnel' on Mars

When enlarging the photo taken by NASA, analysts discovered an incredible thing on the surface of Mars, which may be the most important discovery of the planet.

Initially UFO researchers thought that this was like an ancient structure on Earth but it was buried underground on the surface of Mars.

Strange object on Mars.

But the crack revealed the rest of a structure like the remnants of Mars civilization .

This object has a circular shape and is more like an artificial product than a natural phenomenon. It is like the gate of an underground tunnel under the surface of Mars.

A balanced structure and many lines make it a mysterious object. Is this the product of nature or the remnant of a civilization?

Picture 1 of Suddenly discovered 'heaven gate - interstellar tunnel' on Mars
Heavenly gate in science fiction movies.

Although the picture was taken by NASA satellite, they did not publish any relevant information.

Many researchers of UFOs and extraterrestrial life suggest that this may be evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization.

For those with a richer imagination, this may be the stargate , helping the Martians make interstellar journeys !

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