The first time Vietnam opened a laboratory abroad

VKIST Institute established this laboratory to improve research capacity and increase Vietnamese medicinal value.

The laboratory is located at the Research Institute for Natural Products in Gangneung (KIST Gangneung), South Korea, with the support of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) , while waiting for the construction of its headquarters and Laboratory in Vietnam. The laboratory will focus on researching herbs with the first research projects based on the technological needs of Vietnamese pharmaceutical enterprises.

This is the first time a Vietnamese research institute has a research base abroad to operate in an advanced international environment with the desire to improve the research capacity of domestic scientists. The opening of this laboratory is also one of the activities within the framework of the ODA project signed the Memorandum of Agreement between Vietnam and Korea since 2017.

Picture 1 of The first time Vietnam opened a laboratory abroad
Assoc.Dr. Phuong Thien Thuong, Head of Biotechnology Department at Laboratory in Korea.(Photo: VKIST).

Earlier, in 2014, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Korea International Cooperation Agency signed a discussion minutes on the VKIST Establishment project. A year later the Government issued a decree on the establishment of VKIST. In November 2017, VKIST officially started. In March, 2018, starting to build the headquarters of Vietnam - Korea Science and Technology Institute in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park.

Having shared with PV, Dr. Kum Donghwa, Director of VKIST, said that the first phase tactic of VKIST is to build the foundation with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology through scientific and technological programs plus Korean ODA. When the Institute has a reputation, it will break through and receive research contracts for revenue.

The time to build the initial foundation determined by Dr. Kum could take 10 years. Dr. Kum brings with him 50 years of experience in scientific and technological development in Korea and served as the Director of KIST, hoping to make VKIST a technology solution provider so that businesses can dominate the market in Vietnam.

Currently, VKIST has recruited the first key personnel and formed two strong research groups, including Assoc. Dr. Phuong Thien Thuong is the Head of Biotechnology Department and Dr. Nguyen Duy Tai is the IOT and Software Technology team leader.

The group of natural pharmaceuticals with research projects cooperating with enterprises in the onsite lab in Korea is expected to soon promote pharmaceutical production products according to international standards. The IoT team with the direct support of the Ministry of Science and Technology uses the laboratory of the Internet Innovation Center for IoT Innovation Hub in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, focusing on supporting tasks. Made in Vietnam, such as building a system of water quality sensors in aquaculture and tending livestock.

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