The mysterious 'green ghost' appeared after the light of the malformed lightning

The rare blue halo phenomenon appears in the sky of Texas right after the red deformity lightning and falls into the camera of an amateur astronomer.

Green ghosts appeared after a red malformed lightning in the Texas sky on May 25.

As the name implies, Blue Ghost appears as a halo of green light in the sky. According to observations, this phenomenon is often accompanied by malformed lightning, the discharge occurs above the thunderstorm cloud, which is red with a jellyfish-like shape. The green ghost was first discovered and recorded on May 25, 2019 by a storm hunter named Hank Schyma, also known as Pecos Hank. According to Schyma, he saw a rare phenomenon while observing malformed lightning in Oklahoma.

At first, scientists thought that the blue streak that appeared in Schyma's video was his camera sensor error. However, after another storm hunter, Paul M. Smith, a fellow of Schyma, photographed Blue Ghost with high resolution, experts confirmed this was a new phenomenon.

On May 25, 2020, Thomas Ashcraft, an amateur astronomer in the state of New Mexico, twice recorded Green Ghost. Similar to the previous observations, the phenomenon also appears after lightning.

"I filmed the Green Ghost in the sky west of Texas created by powerful lightning. As far as I know, there has been no article in the science journal talking about this new phenomenon and only a few houses. Science is pioneering , " said Ashcraft.

Picture 1 of The mysterious 'green ghost' appeared after the light of the malformed lightning
Green ghosts appear as green halo in the sky.

Currently, researchers do not know much about the nature of Green Ghosts. However, they suggest that its green color may be a clue to its origin and formation process. This is a common color seen in the aurora and halos due to the presence of active oxygen atoms in the atmosphere.

In most cases, atmospheric phenomena caused by cosmic rays and particles from the Sun interact with oxygen atoms. The same process can promote the formation of Green Ghosts. Because deformed lightning usually appears at high altitudes, about 90 km from the ground, discharges can stimulate oxygen atoms in the air, creating a blue halo around them.

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