The mystery of the dead parts comes back to life

While all the families were in pain, pitying the deceased, suddenly there were hissing voices from the coffin . Even the hardened person stood with his heart in fear.

Shrouding, suddenly woke up to ask for waterpipe tobacco

The story of the dead going back to life in Vietnam is not uncommon, but incredible and incredibly mystical. Most of those who survived were dead after a short time, but there were also some cases where they survived for several decades.

So far the case of 'resurgence' happened in Ward 2, TP. Tan An (Long An) in the middle of June 2010 is still a story many people mentioned with mysterious mysteries. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung (37 years old, living in ward 2) after a while of buying wine, he suddenly started to complain of pain in his abdomen and vomiting.

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Hung died after 1 month of resurrection (Photo: CATP.HCM) .

Visiting the hospital, doctors said that Mr. Hung had terminal gallbladder cancer, showing signs of metastasis to some other parts of the body, it was very difficult to pass. Worried about the health of Mr. Hung, his family members constantly sought him and ran medicine with the hope of extending life.

However, until 17:00 on June 14, after the dinner, Mrs. Kim, Hung's mother saw her lying down without moving, thinking that the baby should pull the blanket to cover, then discover Hung had stopped breathing since then, his skin There were signs of paleness.

Seeing that, everyone gathered up to put Hung's body on the board and cover it with a thin curtain, on the stomach to lay bananas, on the top of the rice bowl, duck eggs waiting for his wife to sell in Vung Tau to look at the face. Last.

6 hours later, while the whole family was sitting at the funeral table, suddenly, Tri, his brother Hung suddenly heard the noise, Hung's hand touched his hand lightly. Although afraid, but thinking I was wrong, Mr. Tri sat still and dared not tell anyone. Suddenly Hung coughed hard, spread the bananas on his abdomen, and suddenly sat up, looked around and said ' Let me ask for a cigarette.' . The incident made everyone who was terrified, some gave up. run because he thought that Hung's body was possessed.

However, Mr. Hung survived until July 15 and died.

Most recently, in July 2010, there was a case of Nguyen Thi Di (67 years old, Dong Thanh, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City) who drowned for more than 8 hours . revived.

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Ms. Di (right) has died again and again (Photo: World Security) .

While most people live only for a short period of time, others live for tens of years, whose life is 90 years old before they die.

People in Bao Ninh, Dong Hoi and Quang Binh communes have been passing on the story of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ky for many years.

Ms. Ky was born in 1898, has 10 children. In 1950 suddenly became seriously ill, after 2 weeks died. However, when the daughter married far away and looked at her mother's face for the last time, suddenly Mrs. Ky got up and asked, ' What are you going to do to gather so much? Who do you offer today with incense? '.

From that time on, Mrs. Ky survived 31 years, leaving 83 years of age to leave.

Other cases such as Pham Thi Chau (Dong Hai, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh) also died at the age of 79 in 1992, but then survived for 11 years. Or as in the case of Ms. Ban (83 years old, Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh) despite being screened all night waiting for shroud, the next morning still moved, then scrambled to get up and still live with her daughter .

Real story or joke?

The research has confirmed that the death phenomenon is 100% real. Even the statistics show that for every 100,000 deaths, one person is said to be alive again.

However, this phenomenon is still one of the secrets of science and is being studied for a long time. The strange thing is that most of the people after resurrection can tell clearly about the illusions they have seen, which can be light at the end of a narrow path, a creature that radiates light is possible conversation, a relative too she was waiting, calling them on the other side . Some people even told in detail the whole process of 'sleeping' what people did.

In some cases that have been buried, people have also found scratches inside the coffin when reburied, then the phenomenon of human bones lies in irregular shape even when placed very neatly. This proves that many people, even when buried deep in the land, still revive.

Explaining this phenomenon, medicine thinks that there are two basic forms of death: clinical death and true death. In particular, the resurrected people mainly fall into the first case. At that time, people in the clinical state stopped breathing but brain activity remained, synonymous with EEG still recorded typical waves. for life.

Explaining the revival says that the other world has been seen, science thinks that this strange experience is due to the brain's way of processing information. What we are seeing in reality is the synthesis of the information that the receptors of the body receive. When receiving this information, the brain will 'translate' them and then tell them where we are, what we are seeing .

The research also shows, in fact, the so-called 'soul' of the dead is the bioelectric current in the body. When observed under laser light, they are small, bright dust, escaping from the body.

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