The thousand-year-old Green Lim tree in Yen The is recognized as a Vietnamese Heritage Tree

On February 14, at Xuan Luong Commune, Yen The District People's Committee (Bac Giang) held a Ceremony to Recognize the thousand-year-old Lim Green Tree as a Vietnamese Heritage Tree and the Yen The District Cultural Festival for the first time. and the opening of the spiritual tourism area, Xuan Lung - Thac Nga ecology. Having existed for many generations, the ancient ancient Green Lim tree is located in the center of Xuan Lung village, Xuan Luong commune, communal house, Xuan Lung pagoda has been ranked as a provincial cultural and historical relic; located in the population of historical relics of Yen The revolt.

The tree has a direct shape, taller than 45m, standing tall on a high hill, roots are deeply rooted in the ground, the roots are six to seven people hugging, the main roots emerge like tortoise shells.

Picture 1 of The thousand-year-old Green Lim tree in Yen The is recognized as a Vietnamese Heritage Tree
Thousand-year-old Lim tree is recognized as a Vietnamese Heritage Tree.(Photo: Tung Lam / VNA).

This is a large, valuable and rare tree species, ranking second in the quartet: Dinh, Lim, Sen, and Te. The preservation of trees greater than 1,100 years old is a process of persistent preservation and protection of the local people.

At the ceremony, the representative of Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment awarded the Certificate of Recognition of Vietnamese Heritage Tree to thousand-year-old Lim green tree to Yen The district officials and people.

On this occasion, Yen The District People's Committee organized the first cultural festival of ethnic districts and opened the Xuan Lung - Thac Nga spiritual and ecological tourist area located in Xuan Luong commune, Yen The district.

Through the investment and renovation process, up to now, the tourist area has formed with many unique and valuable tourism products such as the communal houses, pagodas and Xuan Lung ancient wells; thousand-year-old green Lim tree; Ven village green tea area and Nga Nga ecological area.

In addition, the resort is ready to connect with other relics and tourist sites in and outside the district.

Within the framework of the festival, there are many unique and interesting activities such as: tea party and exhibition of local produce; folk game blindfolded catch wild boar, goat competition; mass cultural performances, people wearing beautiful national costumes .

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