The way to take care of Cleopatra's skin

Cleopatra is the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt. With beauty

The Cloepatra queen restores the skin in a way you can also, using skin-moistening aloe vera, exfoliating sea salt, bathing with milk.

Cleopatra is the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt. With the beauty of "tilting water" , she became an endless source of inspiration for painting and poetry.

ALternative Daily points out the secrets that help Queen Cleopatra become one of the most beautiful women in history.

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Cleopatra's queen has a beautiful tilt of water.(Artwork: ALternative Daily).

Milk bath and honey

Cleopatra's most famous beauty secret, is bathing milk and honey, softening the skin, removing dead cells naturally and leaving a fresh, pleasant fragrance.

Moisturizing with aloe vera

Aloe vera is known as a soothing serum. Cleopatra has combined it with honey to make skin care masks.

Use natural henna

Henna is a flowering plant grown in arid regions like Africa. Leaves of henna are dried and crushed with indigo green color and mixed with other ingredients to dye skin, hair, nails, animal skin, cloth. In addition to staining effects, henna also helps fight against moldy skin or make perfume.

Cleopatra painted reddish brown nails using natural henna. She also uses it to mix with other ingredients to dye her hair.

Remove dead cells with sea salt

Cleopatra's radiant skin is thought to be due to combining sea salt and olive oil to moisturize and exfoliate.

Rose water

The Egyptian queen likes to use rose water, which helps the skin soft and smooth. You can wipe your face with rose water in the morning and evening, or put it in a spray bottle and rub it all over your face throughout the day as needed.

Apple cider vinegar

Cleopatra uses apple cider vinegar as a cleanser. This is a beauty secret that is still very popular today.

Almond oil

Cleopatra uses almond oil to care for youthful skin.

Aromatic essential oils

Roses, frankincense, cypress, neroli . are some of the flowers that extract into Cleopatra's most aromatic essential oils.

Honey and oil

Mixing honey and castor oil (essential oil from castor oil), letting it soak into the hair is how Cleopatra keeps her hair soft, strong and sleek.

Mask from cream

Like shower gel and honey, Cleopatra uses a mixture of cream and honey to nourish and supply water to her skin. You can mix 2 tablespoons of ice cream with a spoon of honey and apply it to your face for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


Cleopatra uses oatmeal to clean and exfoliate skin, moisturize and nourish deep skin. Add oatmeal to your bath water, or combine it with hot water and massage on the skin for the best effect.

White clay mask

Natural clay mask helps skin firm and healthy. Do not use too long for 5-10 minutes to dry the skin.


Cleopatra used celery and hemp mixture to keep her eyes bright and healthy.