The youngest scientist in the world is only ... 6 years old

Many children who like to explore nature and have a curious mind can make the best scientists later.

Very few people get their names on an article as a child. However, perhaps Grace Fulton from Australia is completely different when setting a record at the age of 6.

Although her father is a co-author, he emphasized that Grace's copyright is not simply to show, she actually played an important part in some of the research stages.

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Grace Fulton is said to be the youngest scientist in the world.

Graham Fulton - Grace's father is a researcher at the University of Queensland, Australia. His research concerns how well owls adapt to urban environments. In the report, Grace has been very fond of owls since childhood. The four-year-old girl followed her father in the rainforest to search for owls and Grace was able to distinguish their voices.

In his most recent study, Graham compared the presence of owls at a park in Brisbane to the nearby Mount Glorious rainforest.

Graham Fulton said that his little daughter was involved in field research on all occasions and still went to school the next day. Grace can read the data and indicate which owl is most popular on the data (excel sheet) and in the field. She can recall the moments her father forgot.

More specifically, Grace asked many inspiring questions to research, view data, never stop learning and correcting her own father when Mr. Graham Fulton was even mistaken.

When the scientific report was published in Pacific Conservation Biology, both father and son were listed as the author.

No Guinness record for the youngest scientist was published. However, when Sophia Spencer co-authored a study on social media and science, Grace was widely reported as the youngest author of a published scientific article.

Grace is also the lead author of an article currently under review, in which she recorded a nesting bird in a previously unimportant type of environment. Grace even expressed her intention to become a butterfly researcher.

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