Unpredictable harm of the waistband

The waistband is also known by other names such as Waist Trainer, Corset, Latex , by using a tight bandage or gene piece to put physical pressure on the user's waist.

It is advertised as a very effective solution to help reduce belly fat, regain ant waist quickly and effectively. Along with that, the advertisement of divinizing products from celebrities makes many women trust and prioritize over eating, practicing sports to improve their appearance.

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The use of methods of bandaging, waistband . only have a local hot effect.

Experts said, to reduce belly fat there are 2 ways, the first is to spend a huge amount of money to the salon to perform liposuction, the second is based on Calorie Deficit: The amount of calories you consume must be greater. The amount of calories you consume in your body, your body will consume stored fat to create energy to work, thereby reducing fat.

Also using webbing belly will never get you into a state of calorie consumption . It only makes you feel faster when you eat and drink because your stomach is under great pressure on the stomach, will lead to long-term weight loss but is losing the whole body, not just the waist . This makes many women misunderstand that the waistband can help eliminate belly fat, slimmer waist.

In addition, the use of methods of bandaging, waistband . only has a local hot effect, increases circulation, vasodilation helps the process of sweating faster, but does not eliminate abdominal fat.

Dangerous things from the waistband you need to be aware of when using

According to health experts, the pressure on women to put themselves under pressure from the waistband will have an adverse effect on the stomach , making the food contained in the stomach at risk of reflux on the esophagus. This can cause serious damage to other organs in the digestive tract. When acid reflux on the esophagus causes heartburn, bloating, gas. People with irritable bowel syndrome or those who cannot control urination when using the waistband will increase the pressure in the abdomen causing aggravation. The liver, spleen and kidney are also damaged.

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Sucking yourself under pressure from the waistband will have an adverse effect on the stomach.

The longer the waistband wrap also affects the structure of the ribs , they will tighten the lungs, making the likeness of the abdominal cavity narrowed, making it difficult for respiratory processes, belt users will feel hard to breathe, quickly down. Even, many people do not breathe irregularly leads to lack of oxygen and fainting when exercising more.

For newborn women, it is possible to buckle their abdomen between 4-6 weeks after birth. But this is the time the uterus is fully recovered so women should not tuck their tummy too tightly because this will cause anemia to nourish the surrounding areas, obstructing the circulation, causing poor blood circulation, not to mention affecting incisions not completely healed . affecting health and recovery of the body.

In addition, the waistband can also cause rashes , pimples on the abdomen, back due to cramping and gas.

Therefore, if you are looking to improve your appearance, have a beautiful waist, slim and toned, you need to work hard to exercise gym to reduce belly fat, and build yourself a low-fat diet. , reduce fried foods, sweets, drink lots of water. Don't rely too much on online advertising, from 'celebrities' that use unscientific methods because it can seriously affect your health.

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