Vanga's horrid prediction of alien Vamfim

One of the frightening predictions of the blind prophet Vanga is about aliens, which follow her, they come from the third planet named Vamfim.

Picture 1 of Vanga's horrid prediction of alien Vamfim
Prophet Vanga.

According to the prophet Vanga, after 200 years, people will establish intellectual connections with brothers from other worlds. She even commented that aliens from other worlds have long lived on earth . They come from a planet, which in their language is called Vamfim , and is the third planet from the earth.

Vanga was born in 1911 in Petrich village, Bulgaria. She used to be a baby born prematurely, with health complications. As a child, she was a normal girl and did not know her abilities. The life of the impoverished Bulgarian prophet Vanga went through grim trials. During the First World War, the father was transferred to the Bulgarian army, and the mother died when little Vanga was still young.

The supernatural abilities of Vanga came slowly, no one could notice it from any day, but later many people said that she helped her find a lost sheep. Vanga, however, could not see anything but clearly described the courtyard where the sheep was hidden, which surprised everyone, and Vanga said he saw this in his dream.

She realized that she began to have strange dreams about the disasters that later became reality. Especially in wartime, many people lost in frustration and suffering came to Vanga, who could comfort or let them know where their loved ones died. Vanga's brother, Vasin, volunteered for the guerrilla team, Vanga cried and begged him not to go and said he would be killed at 23 years old. But Vasin did not believe in that prediction and left in June. By October, he surrendered to the Germans, was brutally tortured and then shot dead.

Picture 2 of Vanga's horrid prediction of alien Vamfim

Vanga knows many tragic things, understands many things and foresee upcoming inevitable events. She explained her unusual abilities because of the presence of special and transparent objects around her but she could not know their origin.

Vanga tried to prophesy about newborns or unborn babies. She said she had "seen" and "talked" to people who had died hundreds of years ago. Vanga talked about the future, although she did not want to.

Millions of people around the world have been convinced that she possesses mysterious abilities.

In January 1989, as people said, Vanga suddenly cried out: " Don't be afraid. The American brothers will fall, the iron bird will beat them, the ash covered and innocent blood will fall ." And In September 2001, the terrorist attack on the United States occurred, the World Trade Center in New York was destroyed. At that time the US president was George Bush.

Back in 1979, Vanga said " all melted, like ice, but only one thing is still intact - Vladimir's glory, Russia's glory. He removes all to become the master of the world" . Baba Vanga also stated that Russia will once again become a great country.

And, in an almost final statement before her death, the prophet Vanga said that after 200 years, people would establish intellectual connections with brothers from other worlds. . She even commented that aliens from other worlds have long lived on earth. They come from the planet but according to the language of the population there it is called Vamfim - it is the third planet from Earth.

The terrifying predictions of Ms Vanga related to aliens include:

- 2221 - Humanity, in search of alien life, will come into contact with utopian and terrible things.

- Year 2256 - Spacecraft returns to Earth, bringing a terrible disease to our planet.

- 2341 - Something scary comes close to Earth from space;

- Year 3005 - A war on Mars, the orbit of planets in the solar system is disturbed;

- Year 3797 - Everything that lives completely disappears on Earth, but humanity moves to continue life in other star systems.

- 3803 - Very few people go to new planets, a human refuge. People are sparse. People have little contact with each other. The climate of the new planet affects people - they mutate.

- Year 4302 - a new city appeared on the planet. The management of the Church encourages the development of science and technology. Scientists discovered a common mechanism for the effects of all diseases on the body.

- 4674 - The civilization reached its peak. Earth and other planets have a population of 340 billion people. Start the period of mixing people with aliens living together.

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