Vietnam has the first virtual assistant AI

For the first time, the virtual assistant used named Ki-Ki was launched in Vietnam, designed by Vietnamese engineers themselves.

Picture 1 of Vietnam has the first virtual assistant AI
Ki-Ki virtual assistant was introduced to domestic and foreign technology engineers at the Zalo Ai Summit 2018 seminar on December 26.

Virtual assistant is currently the focus of AI waves around the world, in which Japan is considered the most developed country in AI technology. In Vietnam, the AI ​​wave has only just started a few years ago, but the virtual assistant Ki-Ki developed by Vietnamese engineers from Zalo based on AI technology is the first time.

Technology expert Vuong Quang Khai, leader of Zalo, shared: "In the past year, Zalo has oriented the way to become his AI, in which virtual assistant is one of the two key points. , Ki-Ki will be the place where this unit will test the latest research in the field of AI with the desire to create perfect AI products for Vietnamese people '.

This AI virtual assistant can perform familiar tasks like opening music, reading news, sending messages, weathering, and searching knowledge. In addition, Ki-Ki has the ability to listen and understand the voices of 3 North - Central-South regions, and can answer any question without following a predetermined structure such as the usual virtual assistant. have.

However, this product is still in the testing phase.

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